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The Beans team takes coffee seriously, we also believe you deserve a good cup of coffee & it all begins from the beans.We have specially tailored our subscription packages featuring single origin coffee from our partners which are all sourced sustainably & roasted to perfection. We also make sure that you get to experience different tasting notes of coffee from all our partners while on the coffee subscription.

Coffee Subscriptions

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AED244 (incl. 5% VAT)


AED42,911 (incl. 5% VAT)
AED11,813 (incl. 5% VAT)
AED2,099 (incl. 5% VAT)
AED173 (incl. 5% VAT)
AED135 (incl. 5% VAT)
AED120 (incl. 5% VAT)
AED1,021 (incl. 5% VAT)

About The Beans

The Beans was born from a love of coffee. Real coffee. The kind that you can trace back to a family-run farm in the rolling hills of Colombia, Brazil or Ethiopia, before being lovingly crafted by the UAE’s most devoted roasters. And we’ve got some amazing roasters. The Beans has sought out the region’s most passionate coffee producers, providing a platform for them to share their exceptionally aromatic, uniquely flavoured and intricately formed artisan blends with YOU – the coffee brewer with incredible taste!

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